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As the direct subsidiary of Cathet Pharmaceutical Stock Corporation Ltd, Cachet Wholesale Company is comprised of three sale divisions respectively targeted at medical treatment market, community service and commerical allocation.

Wholesale Company mainly sells self-patented products and the products for which Cachet is the general sale agent. As the general sale agent for many famous brands like Tongrentang, Sanjiu etc, Cachet Wholesale Company has acquired remarkable market shares thanks to a great variety of commodities, favorable prices, reliable quality, excellent service, as well as comprehensive sales network and customer resources. At present, Cachet has developed over 600 customers spread over each and every district and county in Beijing, with 47% accounting rate in third graded hospitals in Beijing,  and nearly 100% in second graded hospials in eight urban districts and central hospitals in suburban areas.

Based on the principle of expanding medical services, wholesale and distribution business have grown rapidly and obtained the first-class distributor qualification on zero price difference after defeating over 200 competitors in 2006. Cachet is assuming distribution for community medical service in Haidian, Shijingshan and Mentougou districts in Beijing and holds an advantagous position in government reforming process.

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