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Cachet Pharmaceutical Stock Corporation Ltd (hereafter abbreviated as Cachet) was co-founded by over 10 stock holders as China Youth Industrial Development Corporation, Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Garden Development Stock Company Ltd, New Industry Investment Stock Corporation Ltd.  Approved by State Council in 2003, it went through stock system reforming with registered capital reaching 12 million yuan RMB. 

In the past years, Cachet has adhered to the operation policy in which commodity promotion and capital operation are being developed in tandem,   industrial chains are being expanded, operational scale and economic profits are growing simultaniously and development is being made during innovation and standardization. At present, five business sections with pharmacy as the core have been formed.  

With more than 200 fully owned pharmaceutic stores licensed with direct sales in Beijing, chain retail section of Cachet ranks the largest among the similar enterprises in Beijing. Ranking among the Top Twenty Enterprises in pharmacy retail in China for some consecutive years, Cachet has elevated the  brand influence successfully.

Based on the principle of expanding pharmaceutical services, wholesale and distribution business have grown rapidly and obtained the first-class distributor qualification on zero price difference after defeating over 200 competitors in 2006. Cachet is assuming distribution for community medical service in Haidian, Shijingshan and Mentougou districts in Beijing and holds an advantagous position in government medical system reforming process.

With the courtesy of the newly built modern logistics center and as the one of the three third-side medicine tentative distributors, Cachet is pioneering in logistics that is well equipped, large in scale, modern and professional. Highly efficient and advanced information system is capable of offering the customers “all-in-one” collective services.

Pharmaceutic R&D is mainly targeted at developing Cathet patented new medicines. Rapidly growing R&D section gradually becomes a new source of profit increase, thanks to the first-class development platform, domestic sales network for new medicines and mature market fostered for many years. 

As a nascent business, medicine manufacturing section was set up by acquiring Beijing Daheng Corporation, constructing production base, expanding production line and introducing new products. Cachet is struggling to become a leading enterprise with influential products and modern management style.

In 1999, Cachet was ahead in attending NACDS and became the first international member among China’s pharmaceutic circulation enterprises. In 2003, Cachet was GSP certified. In 2005, Cachet ranked among the “Top Hundred Enterprises”in Beijing’s Zhongguancun Tech Garden. In 2006, Cachet was conferred as “Beijing Famous Commercial Brand ” and “Beijing Famous Commercial Service Brand”. In 2007, Cachet was awarded with the “Top Fifty Revenue Paying Enterprises”and conferred with “Green Channel Certificate”. In 2008, a numbe of pharmaceutical stores of Cachet were certified as“Excellent Prescription”by China Non-prescription  Medicines Association (hereafter abbreviated as CNMA). In 2006, Cachet was awarded with“Beijing Famous Brand”.  

Facing new opportunities and challenges, Cachet will adhere to the core policy of innovation, standardization and harmony, with circulation as the direction, store chain as the core, technological developmen as the motivation, in a bid to construct Cachet as the modern pharmaceutical enterprise group.
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