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As one of the subsidiaries fully owned by Cachet Pharmaceutical Stock Corporation, Beijing Cachet Daheng Medicine Manufacturing Company Ltd was set up in 2008, with registered capital of 56 million yuan RMB. The production base, located in Beishicao Town of Beijing’s Shunyi District,  has occupied 60 mu with an architectural area of 40000 square meters. It is equipped with warehouses of normal & low temperatures, and warehouses for various types of medicines, all in compatible with GMP standards. With independent water, electricity, natural gas supply systems and waste water treatment systems, Cachet manufacturing is licensed to process health care food and products.   

With complete quality management system, comprehensive R&D approaches and strong capabilities, including multiple sets of gas phase chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, thin-layer scanning chromatograph,infrared photometer and ultroviolet photometer etc, Cachet is capable to analyze and test various types of Chinese and western medicines by conducting composition analysis, hygience test and quality control etc. Cachet is also well equipped to carry on lab and pilot tests.    

Cachet will focus on common medicines and expand sales through reliable quality, good reputation and excellent after-sale service. The products have been promoted to a dozen of cities in China. 

In future years, Cathet will stick to the tenet of “innovation, standardization and harmony”and target at constructing new modern production enterprises with influential products and modern management style through production line expantion and enrichment of medicine types.
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